Day 1

We get a project briefing. Our project manager identifies stakeholders who aren’t happy with the deliverables / project processes……..what would they like to see changed. We go through the project documentation

Day 2

We get a grasp of all resources, schedule status, original deliverables as defined, time with senior staff

Day 3

One-One interviews with the project team leaders and key resources. We also have a brainstorming session with the team if required. This is where we get to the root of the problem. We meet with senior project sponsor/stakeholders and present recommendations.

Our golden rules

  • Do not start with the old plan otherwise you will own it (and find it difficult to get management support)
  • Carry out a CSF analysis
  • Determine whether any CSFs been identified
  • Re-plan the project with full participation from the team
  • Clarify & control scope
  • Work the issues list
  • Communicate
  • Manage risks

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